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About Us

Who We Are

Created in 2008, MPM Recruitment Services brought together a team of industrial recruitment specialists. This team has been vital in the success and growth of MPM, developing strong relationships with key clients around the country and using their extensive experience to locate the best jobs for our candidates.

What We Stand For

MPM Recruitment have some old fashioned beliefs that shapes the way we conduct ourselves and our business.
MPM Recruitment believes in:

  • Long term business partnerships
  • Mutual Trust
  • Total Transparency
  • Good Morals
  • Innovation
  • Achieving

In pursuit of your goals, it pays to have the Right People on your side.

We believe any companies greatest asset is its people. – MPM does all that’s practicable to provide that platform.
We make every effort to understand your business, your goals, your corporate culture, and what you require.
We formalise job descriptions, required skills, attitude and aptitude.
We then cross reference this with our candidate base and seek what we term our “Best Fit” candidate.
We value our employees contribution to our clients business.
We reward them appropriately.

What We Do

The specialist industrial recruiters at MPM source permanent, contract and temporary positions for their candidates from a wide range of areas, including:

  • Packers
  • Drivers
  • Office staff
  • Installation engineers
  • Production operators
  • Assembly workers
  • Distribution warehousing jobs
  • Driving jobs
  • Electronics jobs
  • Manufacturing
  • Temporary contracts
  • Warehousing jobs
  • Industrial jobs
  • Logistics/distribution jobs
  • Temporary jobs